Mathieu Fiset's

Press Kit

Mathieu Fiset presents

Des Marteaux & Des Cordes
An instrumental Jazz album in collaboration with Antoine Dufour,
Tommy Gauthier and Larnell Lewis

Mathieu Fiset is a pianist, composer and record producer from Quebec City. He is most well known forthe Jazz Fusion song Chick’s Pain and his collaborations with Larnell Lewis, Jordan Rudess and Antoine Dufour. Chick’s Pain accumulated more than 10 million streams on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms. Mathieu has toured extensively with various artists and worked on hundreds of albums.

Mathieu fiset

Antoine Dufour is a guitarist, composer and record producer from Montreal. He is considered one of the best “fingerstyle” guitarist in the world after 8 solo albums, more than 10 years of international touring and more than 50 million views on Youtube. His innovative and captivating style inspires millions of musicians around the world including the next generation of “fingerstyle” guitarists.

Antoine Dufour
(« Fingerstyle » Guitar)

Larnell Lewis is a drummer, composer and educator from Toronto. He won multiple Grammys and is a member of the sensational Jazz Fusion band SnarkyPuppy. Being one of the best drummer in the world today, he is working with countless international artists and influences millions of drummers and musicians around the globe with his mind-blowing playing.

Larnell Lewis (Drums)

Tommy Gauthier is a violinist and composer from Montreal. Heworks with many of Quebec’s greatest artists such as Yves Lambert, Roch Voisine, Richard Desjardins and Robert Charlebois. His collaboration with guitarist Antoine Dufour, blending folk and progressive music, is a sight to behold onstage and has led to the “four hands guitar” video on YouTube, with more than 18 million views.

Tommy Gauthier (Violin)

Charly Yapo is a bassist and composer from Abidjan in IvoryCoast. Formerly with Tangara Speed Ghôda, Charly joined with Jean Leloup when he arrived in Montreal back in the early 2000s. He also express himself through his solo project,Charly Yapo and The Radical Band. Since his move to Quebec City, he has been very involved in the local music scene and plays with a wide variety of artists.

Charly Yapo (Bass)

The project:

Des Marteaux & Des Cordes (Hammers & Strings)

Progressive Jazz Fusion
Instrumental and acoustic
Original compositions
Produced by Mathieu Fiset
Recorded at Studio Sismique in Québec City in January 2023
Possibility of bringing the project on tour and in festivals
Promotional videos on YouTube