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An instrumental, acoustic Jazz Fusion record, created in collaboration with Antoine Dufour, Tommy Gauthier and Larnell Lewis.

The album was recorded “live” at Studio Sismique in Quebec City, Canada, with little to no overdubs, with the exception of some additional players like Charly Yapo on bass, Dayron Luis San Muguercia on congas, Marie-Josée Morissette on violin and Jens Johansson on synth.

Musically, the music has a lot of Latin Fusion Jazz flavours, perhaps coming from Chick Corea and Snarky Puppy, while also having some progressive rock elements such as the 15/8 riff of “Miaou” and the aptly titled “Détour”, which features Larnell Lewis and Jens Johansson, burning through the track.


Yatchana is the name of a traditional dance from Ivory Coast in Africa, native country of Charly Yapo, the guest bass player and co-composer of this new composition. Charly took the basic rhythms of the dance and turned it into a bass riff, then I added chords and a progression was born. The last element to add was a melody, which was provided by Simon Doyon on saxophone. This true collaborative piece of music was recorded live with the RoboJazz Band, on the stage of La Chapelle, a small concert venue in Quebec City.

Album Making Of

Here's a good sneak peak into the making of the new album : The RoboJazz Band ! Featuring clips of songs, behind the scenes footage and an interview with band leader, composer, producer and keyboardist, Mathieu Fiset.

One More !​!​?​!​?​?

One More !​!​?​!​?​?

One More !!?!?? is the new studio album by Canadian keyboardist and composer Mathieu Fiset.

The album features a wide variety of sounds, styles and moods ; from laid back lounge grooves to explosive Jazz Fusion solos and delicate piano moments.

It is certainly the most eclectic collection of tracks ever put together by Mathieu Fiset. An explorative journey into the mind of a maturing artist.

The Robojazz Band

Mathieu Fiset’s incredible live band in action, performing the best songs from their live repertoire plus fresh new music that pushes the boundaries of modern Fusion Jazz.


“Contradictions” is Mathieu Fiset’s 10th solo album. It is a fully electronic production with songs ranging from Funk to Jazz, R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop and Experimental music. Mathieu is the only instrumentalist on the record, performing all kinds of keyboards and synths as well as some vocals, vocoder and electronic drums. He is joined by different vocalists on a number of tracks such as “Tonight” with Russian singer Elle Blink and “I Will Take You”, featuring the ethereal voice of South African singer Meliz.

With this album, Mathieu further defines his playing and composition style, while still never repeating himself. The album release coincides with his 30th anniversary and might be seen as a closure for his twenties and a preview for the next few years…

Endless Imagination

“My endless imagination, the most precious thing I own, is saving me from insanity, and will always be with me.” Mathieu explains : “I wrote this record at a moment when I felt like I had lost everything. I was trying to keep strength, trying to find refuge in my own mind, where everything was just the way I wanted it to be. The whole album writing process helped me out of the situation that inspired it. Now I’m hoping people can get something out of it too.”

RoboJazzin' Again

“RoboJazzin’ Again” is the follow up to Mathieu Fiset’s “RoboJazz” album (2012). RoboJazz is a fictional cartoonish character that represents the paradox between loving geeky “music for musicians” and popular electronic dance music. The new album explores further into the EDM style with influences ranging from Daft Punk to Deadmau5 and even Eiffel 65. On the other hand, Mathieu Fiset’s keyboard playing style is still very much influenced by rock keyboardists like Derek Sherinian, Jordan Rudess and Jens Johansson, which gives a unique vibe to the electronic grooves underneath the lead melodies and solos.

Qi Dai

Qi Dai is the 2nd piano solo album by Mathieu Fiset and was originally released in 2013.


RoboJazz is the 5th solo release by canadian keyboardist and producer Mathieu Fiset. Following the acoustic piano album “From Deep Within” released in 2010, RoboJazz is the synth rock side of Mathieu Fiset’s musical universe.

While having progressive rock roots, this album shows influences of jazz and electronic music. This could sounds like an impossible collaboration between Frank Zappa and Trent Reznor or the soundtrack for an absurd comic book featuring robots in love, dirty sandwiches, Indiana Jones and an evil Bob Marley.

From Deep Within

The album is stripped bare of all electronic pretensions, instead opting for the natural resonance of the piano and the expressiveness of the player. The comparisons that come to mind are a NINE INCH NAILS acoustic set, or the Final Fantasy piano collections. The first track on the album ‘Better than Words’ is a sombre jazzy piece that sets up the mood for the rest of the album before blending seamlessly into the first of five improvisation pieces. Each one feels as though it is part of a greater whole but is well enough constructed to stand on its own – with their own moods and changing structures.

In that regard they have the feeling of a movie or game soundtrack. The title track ‘From Deep Within (Still…)’ however feels more like a traditional ballad-like song, without vocals, much like the albums opener. This makes it feel a lot more approachable than maybe some of the improvised tracks, but it still doesn’t feel separate from them, as though they’re telling a different chapter of the same story. The final track ‘Waiting For…’ feels a lot more ambient than it’s predecessors. Where the opener was very jazzy, and the title track had a ballad feel about it, the final track has a much more refrained simplicity to it that makes for a nice track to listen to in a darkened room.