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Mathieu Fiset

Mathieu Fiset is a Canadian keyboardist, composer, and record producer. He is most well known for the jazz fusion song Chick’s Pain and his collaborations with drummer Larnell Lewis, keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and guitarist Antoine Dufour. Chick’s Pain accumulated more than 10 million streams on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms. Mathieu Fiset has toured extensively with various bands and artists around the world and recorded on hundreds of songs as a session musician.

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Chick's Pain
robojazz album
One More !!?!??
One more !!?!??
Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin
Qidai album
Catching The Light
Sound Pictures album by Antoine Dufour
Robojazz On The Dance Floor
robojazz album


A collaborative musical creation by 4 very different artists, Miaou is the opening statement of Mathieu Fiset's new record.

The 15/8 riff of the song called for an exceptional drummer and Larnell Lewis was in for the job...needless to say, he did deliver !! The drum solo alone is out of this world and is the climax of the whole song.

On guitar, the fingerstyle master Antoine Dufour crafted a signature part to complement the original piano composition, which then inspired violinist Tommy Gauthier to add his folk touch to the arrangement.

The addition of African reggae bass player Charly Yapo and Cuban percussionist Dayron Luis San Muguercia also contribute to the "world wide" vibe of the song. You can't quite pinpoint where the music could be from, but it is definitely human !


The title is a not-so-clever play on comes from the french expression "Mi-Août", meaning Mid-August...which is the 15th of the 15-08...or 15/8...the time signature of the main riff of the song...! But then it's also a cat noise so ?? Miaou !