Mathieu Fiset's

Mathieu Fiset

Mathieu Fiset is a Canadian keyboardist, composer, and record producer. He is most well known for the jazz fusion song Chick’s Pain and his collaborations with drummer Larnell Lewis, keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and guitarist Antoine Dufour. Chick’s Pain accumulated more than 10 million streams on YouTube, Spotify and other platforms. Mathieu Fiset has toured extensively with various bands and artists around the world and recorded on hundreds of songs as a session musician.

Des Marteaux & Des Cordes

“An album filled with a wide range of moods and styles – much more than its “jazz” genre label can lead you to believe. It’s a delight to hear Mathieu’s music brought to life by incredible instrumental performances from musical giants – to which he has nothing to envy, let it be said.” – Christian Pacaud

Produced by Mathieu Fiset
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yves Drolet

Mathieu Fiset : Piano
Antoine Dufour : Acoustic guitar
Tommy Gauthier : Violin, Mandolin
Larnell Lewis : Drums
Charly Yapo : Electric bass
Dayron Luis San Muguercia : Congas, percussions (track 1, 2, 3)
Marie-Josée Morissette : Violin (track 2)
Jens Johansson : Synth (track 4)

Artwork by Mathieu Fiset, Pascale Bêty, Émilie Rochette